I was born in 1983. I live in Sollebrunn, about 45 miles

northeast of Gothenburg, where I also have my art studio.


I have a three-year college education in decorative painting

and design and I've studied courses in sketching- and

drawing techniques at University West in Trollhättan, Sweden.

I’ve also studied a course in aquarelle painting at the Extention

University in Alingsås, Sweden.






My artistry includes imaginative and crafty motifs with great

variety. It comprehends both naturalistic and surrealistic

inspired features. In many cases, the paintings are figurative,

but I also paint abstract art. Sometimes, my work of art is trivial

and naive, sometimes it's more expressive and suggestive. The

artistic products can also be of a more romantic and sportive



To me, my illustrations is a way of expressing thoughts, reflections

and different frames of mind. It's also a way to portray different

observations I've made. The creating process is very important

to me and it's the core of my artistry. Often, I have a vision, a

thought or a special mood Iwant to express and convey. On a

personal level it brings me joy, harmony and peace of mind.

My curiosity for new forms of artictical expressions allows me

to constantly be looking for new challenges and projects. I often

work with several paintings or projects parallelly which all are

under development. The paintings compiles concurrently in a

pleasant creative chaos of thoughts and moods.


I obtain inspiration from both nature and from my surroundings.

The inspiration can come from scenic and colorful landscapes,

different objects or inspiring meetings with people. It can also

come from different situations or occurrences which made

an impact on me. The inspiration may even come from ordinary

daily activities.


I hope my work of art evokes emotions and discussions.




Materials and Drawing



I work with different materials such as oil, tempera, acrylic paint,

aquarelle paint and with charcoal pencils. Primarily, I’ve focused doing

products in acrylic and aquarelle paint. Generally, I do drawings on

canvas, but I even make murals and paint furniture. I've also designed a

custom made tattoo. I’m devoted to work in art techniques such as faux

marble and wood grain paintings but also grisaille paintings and

trompe l'oeil.




Customer orders


I’ll gladly welcome customer orders, both paintings and murals.

Do you wish for any particular painted motif, from a picture

or if you have other ideas, please contact me.








Erika Persson



(Photo: Lillemor Lindskog)




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